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Our Differentiators

SIBE studies go beyond many other existing programs and utilize the particular situation of its working professional students to their benefit.

SIBE studies continuously combine theory application, skill development and practical qualification with actual, ongoing real-life business challenges. Thus equipped, SIBE grooms its graduates to become more than merely experts in their field of studies. Our goal is to promote the lasting competency to manage and overcome any kind of business challenge, may it be now or in the future and no matter how unforeseen, open or unpredictable the situation may appear. We aim to strengthen our students' creativity, self-regulation and ability to create solutions for themselves their teams and at their workplace. We challenge their critical thinking and ability to cooperate and lead. With these qualification goals, we strive to equip our graduates with the right skills needed in the labor market and the edge to drive their careers.

Competency Development

»Knowledge does not equal competence, expert knowledge does not equal expert competence. Competence is the knowledge based ability to act self-organized and creatively. Learning how to act, being enabled to act, is today’s demand. Truly modern management studies aim to enable managerial action capabilities rather than management drill.« (Prof. Dr. John  Erpenbeck, Professor for competence development and competence management)

SIBE studies enable managerial action-abilities through a systematic process of personal competency development that runs parallel to the real-world integrating knowledge transfer.

This competency development process guides SIBE students throughout the entire program. It uses KODE®, which is an online-based competency assessment method, similar to other soft-skill assessments. It provides an individual picture of each student's personal strengths and weaknesses. Guided by experienced professors and embedded in peer consulting groups, the students identify areas they want to strengthen. Preferably, the focus lies on particular strengths, depending on each student's profile and choices.

The ultimate goal is that all students achieve a clear understanding of those strengths – or competencies – they inherently carry and how they will utilize those to build and further develop their careers. The basic assumption is that everybody carries competencies and that there is no one without any competencies. The question is, which these are and how to use these the best for your professional life. Because you are best, at which you are competent.



SIBE studies integrate aspects of the students’ jobs into the program. Students choose real-world challenges from their professional backgrounds as so called “management projects”. The integration of these ongoing, real business challenges takes place in the form of the application of theoretical knowledge from the classes to the management project in order to (help) solve these.

What makes this process different is:

  • The real-world integration is not limited to one or two short periods within the program, such as capstone projects or the thesis, but takes place continuously and in almost all classes.
  • Instead of written tests or other knowledge assessing exams, the students write management project papers or similarly application-focused papers.
  • The Master’s Thesis builds upon the management project papers and concludes the programs’ real-world knowledge application.  


Real-world-projects are ongoing business challenges from each student’s professional background. The students elaborate these topics in their study papers and ideally, each student’s superior (business mentor) uses the findings as a managerial decision-making basis and solution support.

In SIBE studies, they serve as the field, in which the students go beyond knowledge transfer and regular case studies and enter the realm of business competency building. Real case solutions cannot be bought online or discussed without emotional involvement. They are current, they are urgent they are real. Suggestions given and decisions made may have real consequences that go beyond winning or losing a competition with peers in a classroom or getting a desired or unwanted grade.

Because each of these study papers have a starting and finishing point, they are called real-world »projects« or »management projects«. Several different topics can be addressed during each program and the final Master’s Thesis can deal with real, ongoing cases.

The smarter real case projects are chosen, the more powerful can be their influence on a participant’s future. Relevant topics and study papers with effective contribution serve as fantastic resume builders for furthering internal careers and attracting other employers.

All SIBE students are coached and supported during their real-world-project development by real-world coaches.



Pre-program-placement is a service that introduces study program applicants who have successfully passed SIBE's selection procedure to companies and organizations that partner with SIBE on talent recruitment. Suitable and eligible candidates may be introduced to these partnering organizations. Selected candidates and organizations conduct interviews and once an applicant and an organization agree to work with each other, concurrent to starting to work for the company, the applicant becomes a student in one of SIBE’s graduate programs. In the course of the application process specific financial terms may be negotiated that include partial funding of the studies by the employer. Please contact us for details on the financial aspects of this model.

Companies and students benefit from this service:

Companies’ benefits:

  • Convenient hiring of talent
  • Give talents access to education and win them for your own business

Students’ benefits:

  • Get a graduate degree
  • Grow their work experience
  • Tuition support from employer

This service is available to applicants, who seek admission to one of the study programs and to companies seeking upwardly-mobile talent.


There are two paths:

Per year, SIBE receives several thousand applications from talent around the world. Each qualified applicant goes through a thorough selection procedure and only those, who pass become members of SIBE’s applicant pool. Only members of the applicant pool are eligible for either of the two paths.

Path 1:

Through an online conducted coaching process, candidates find the partner company of their choice and preference.

The coaching process takes one week or 20 days, depending on the candidate’s status. Topics of this process encompass search channels, self-presentation and resume writing. All participants work in small groups that are guided by experienced job-coaches.    

Path 2:

Through its relationship with organizations, SIBE generates job profiles for upwardly mobile talent and introduces suitable candidates to these organizations. Due to current labor market demands, job profiles target particularly graduates with MINT degrees.    

To see current job profiles, please follow this link and see currently available job opening:


This service is free for students and companies.


For more information, please contact Christopher Hecker, Project Manager,, +49 (0) 162 - 29 57 498