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Facts & Figures

With a selectivity rate of <10%, corporate sponsorships of +80% and a placement rate by the end of studies of +/- 70%, SIBE boasts outstanding quality.

This success is achieved through offering study programs which put corporate demands and student competence development in the center of SIBE’s activities.

On the corporate side, SIBE tailors its programs to suit existing labor market demands, which are identified either in direct collaboration with organizations in Germany or thorough market research and knowledge.

On the qualification side, SIBE does not merely drill management knowledge but strives to develop the effective management competencies of its students.

In doing so, it goes beyond many other existing programs and utilizes the particular situation of its working professional students to their benefit. SIBE studies continuously combine theory transfer, skill development and practical qualification with actual ongoing real-life challenges. Thus equipped, SIBE graduates are intended to become more than experts in their field of studies. They shall be enabled to creatively and self-organized manage and shape unforeseen, open and unpredictable challenges in their area of expertise.

A learning goal, that strives to equip graduates for what is needed for better and faster careers and the economy with the people needed to be successful.