Universidade Católica de Santos (UNISANTOS), Santos

The Catholic University of Santos (UNISANTOS) is a non-profitable philantropic organization and a confessional higher education institution, governed by its General Statute and Regulation, by the current legislation and by this Framework of Reference, which clearly expresses the Catholic identity of the Institution.

UNISANTOS is located in Santos, one of the oldest cities in South America, which had its first village established in the 16th century. The city hosts Brazil's biggest port of export, the exit for almost 30% of the national production. It is 70km distant from São Paulo city, the main economic dynamo of the continent.

As a university, UNISANTOS is an academic community that, in a rigorous and critical way, contributes to the defense and development of human dignity, as well as to the cultural heritage, through research, teaching and services rendered to the community.

The teaching staff of the university is chosen as people with scientific values, technical competence, professional seriousness and probity of life socially accepted and respect for the principles of Catholic Doctrine. Currently UNISANTOS has about 400 permanent faculty staff and about 300 administrative staff.

Within the SIBE programs Master of Science in International Management (M.Sc.) and Master of Arts in General Management (M.A.) students will study at our partner university UNISANTOS. After successful completion, additionally to the German M.Sc. or M.A. degree, students will receive the title MBA (UNISANTOS, Brazil) by the UNISANTOS.