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Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT), Isfahan

The Isfahan Science and Technology Town (ISTT) is a pioneering organization that combines many Science Parks and Incubators located in Isfahan, Iran. The ISTT creates an environment where different elements such as research centers, manufacturing and service companies, and R&D units of government organization and/or industrial units can work together. The town started its official operations in 2000, and includes Science Parks, Pre-incubator, and Incubators.

The ISTT mission is to promote knowledge-based economic development by supporting innovative companies, fostering entrepreneurial culture, creating science and technology parks and incubators, and stimulating the flow of knowledge amongst universities, scientific organizations, companies and market. Besides that, the objectives are to encourage the industry to invest in knowledge, development and commercialization, to enhance interaction between scientific and research organizations and economic sector, and to attract international companies as joint ventures with local companies.