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Faculdade da Indústria IEL: Courses focused on the industry

The Faculdade da Indústria IEL was founded by uniting Euvaldo Lodi Institute (IEL) which has as responsibility the integration of the business world with the academic promoting business qualification and technical upgrading programs from the Paraná State Industries Federation (FIEP), and the Faculdade Metropolitana de Curitiba (FAMEC).

Several undergraduate courses (Bachelor and 2 years degree) are offered by Faculdade da Indústria IEL and in different cities from Paraná State. Additionally, they have the Industry Management School with Master, MBA, Extension and Graduation courses focused on the industry.

Faculdade da Indústria IEL outstands from other universities for having the expertise of the largest business organization from Paraná State, offering practical courses focused on the industries necessities, and, of course, the proximity with the business sector. Furthermore, Faculdade da Indústria IEL has as objectives to train and prepare future managers and to support the industry with qualified personnel.

The Paraná State Industries Federation (FIEP) was created in 1944 and coordinates, protects and legally represents several companies from industrial sector in Paraná. FIEP supports today 109 affiliated industrial syndicates and represents the interests of 46.000 industries which are responsible for 820.000 jobs. Paraná state has a population of more than 11 million and its capital is Curitiba with approximately 2 million inhabitants. Paraná is strong economically and recognized for the engineering and automotive industries.

Faculdade da Indústria IEL, as a partner of SIBE in the programs of SIBE-Management-Master (SMM) and the , receive SIBE’s students for the international study trip. The students have the opportunity to have lectures, seminars, visits and discussions at international chambers of commerce, local business associations, visits to companies in Paraná, Brazil.

Programs offered in collaboration with Faculdade da Indústria IEL: