SIBE: German Programs

Programs in German

In our Masters Programs we closely integrate latest management knowledge and personal development, because we want to give our students and graduates a competitive edge to start and boost their professional careers better and faster than others.

The future of business lies in a globally integrated world driven by leaders, who think beyond borders and ahead of tomorrow.

This is why we enable every SIBE business student to see, experience and personally manage real business cases and innovation in more than one relevant global market. International residencies are therefore as much an integral part of SIBE studies as are real-case-projects and a systematic personal development.

Our graduate studies in German language are tailored for upwardly mobile working professionals in Germany where we also offer pre-program placement and financial support services.

Masters' Programs in German: For future international leaders with a business focus on German speaking markets, fluent German is a must.

  • PhD
    For excellent and highly motivated employees and managers to conduct research not in addition to, but as an integral part of their profession, and finally to complete their work with a doctorate.

Corporate Programs in German language:

Some SIBE programs are specifically designed to serve the concrete needs of one or a group of corporations or organizations. For more information about SIBE’s corporate programs please follow the link or contact us directly.