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German-US double degree collaboration

An efficient and effective career and job development*

Many bachelor graduates realize at some point in their professional life that they could promote their careers better if they had a Master’s degree. Typical questions then are, which degree to pursue and how to balance an already busy work schedule, family and friends with studies?

The part-time online M.A./MBA (USA) from SIBE and Post University offers an intelligent solution.

Combining two study programs (a European M.A. in General Management and a U.S. MBA degree), the M.A./MBA (USA) provides two qualifications in one. While the MBA program emphasizes and promotes a student’s practical, entrepreneurial capabilities »to get the job done«, the M.A. furthers analytical and theoretical skills to approach and comprehend complex entrepreneurial challenges. The two programs combined, develop your ability to analyze and understand greater business contexts and to define goals amidst most complex entrepreneurial challenges. Concurrently the M.A./MBA teaches methods, skills and tools how to successfully manage, lead and drive business and goal achievement in practice.

The M.A./MBA’s online format allows you to study in an international U.S.-European program and flexibly adapts to your professional and personal schedule.

In the M.A./MBA (USA) you study once but benefit threefold:

  • Two separate internationally recognized Master’s degrees
  • Double qualification in managerial sciences (M.A.) and practical management and leadership (MBA)
  • Self-organized, flexible study schedule due to the online format.

The M.A./MBA (USA): an efficient and effective way to promote your career and professional development. 

*The provisions of the FernUSG apply. Students are entitled to the right of termination and the right of revocation. For further details, please refer to SIBE's Student Handbook, which is available for download on our homepage. Please compare Post University's "Graduate Student Handbook" for legal regulations specifically applying to the MBA degree.

Program Facts

Duration: 28 months net-studies

  • Extendable by 1-2 months for writing of Master's Thesis
  • The program plan considers periodic breaks to accommodate a the specific situation of adults with busy work schedules and private commitments

Language: English

Format: Online

Location: Wherever you have internet access


  • Master of Arts in General Management (M.A.) from Steinbeis University Berlin, Germany
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Post University, USA
  • Both degrees are state licensed and accredited

Program Goal

Competent leaders are characterized by their ability to act self-organized in complex, unpredictable and unforeseeable situations as role models.

This professional competence requires the individual’s ability to acquire and assess knowledge and convert it into decisions and actions that win people to join a path of vision driven actions. 

Aiming for bringing about this type of competence in its graduates, the M.A./MBA combines management research and managerial business practice equally. In does so in a set-up that furthers its students’ self-organization in a global network of eager, leadership seeking talent.

Our goal is your future in leadership. 

Our U.S. American Partner School

The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University

Post University was founded in 1890. Since then it has been supporting its students in pursuing knowledge, competence and experience for successful professional lives and careers in their field of studies. 

Aside from Internet- based programs, Post University maintains a Campus in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA where it offers on-ground studies and courses alongside the full spectrum of U.S. American College and University life. Student-athletes, e.g., can choose from among 18 competitive NCAA Division II sports, and intercollegiate equestrian teams. Post University also competes in the Collegiate Sprint Football League along with Army, Navy, Cornell, and Princeton, among others.

Post University is recognized by the State of Connecticut and accredited through the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Its business school, The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, is additionally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Post University’s Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, named for former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige, focuses on the qualities that helped Baldrige achieve success, first in the business world and then in the White House: Innovation, Quality, Integrity, and Leadership.

Representing the Baldrige principles in every program, course and professor, The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business gives students the foresight to anticipate the world’s needs, and the tools to put that foresight into action.

Through modern and relevant programs taught by professors who know business from the boardroom – not just a book – students enjoy a rich and relevant learning experience. More than just practice and policy, The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business teaches ethics and experience, showing what it takes to succeed in the business world with integrity, and how to adapt to tomorrow’s world with confidence.

  • All degree programs in The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).
  • Its online MBA program has been repeatedly ranked among the top 150 online MBA programs in the US News & World Online Graduate Business Programs
  • The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business is SIBE's collaboration partner in the double degree program  M.A./MBA (USA)

Our Trademark: Real-World Integration


The M.A./MBA aims to prepare you for a successful career as a leader. Competent leaders are characterized by their ability to act self-organized in complex, unpredictable and unforeseeable situations as visionary role models.  This is why in the M.A./MBA, every student works on real-world management projects and follows a systematic competence development process.


Right from the start, we ask you about the career goals you want to accomplish by joining the M.A./MBA. If you do not already have a management project assigned to you by your company, we help you to define a “real-world management project” from your area of interest. E.g.: if you are seeking a career in international marketing, we guide you to identify a specific, real and ongoing business challenge within the broad field of international marketing. If you are seeking a career as a leader in IT and you are interested effects of the mega-trend digitalization, then we work with you on identifying a suitable management project from this field.

In the courses on SIBE's learning platform, you work on this management project. This means: under the guidance of academically experienced practitioners and in close collaboration with your peers, you elaborate your project topic. Applying the methods and tools of managerial research, you plan and analyze the various facets of your topic. You conduct (expert) interviews, establish hypothesizes and derive strategies. Results from your work are documented in Management Project Papers (MPP), which ultimately form the basis of your Master Thesis.

Gradually, you develop a true expertise in your area of interest. But not only this. You also learn how to methodologically approach and process (any) business challenges while you use your M.A./MBA management project to boost your résumé.


The courses on Post University’s learning platform look beyond your management project and integrate real-world challenges in diverse ways and across multiple managerial topics. Each course uses specific tasks through which you apply knowledge to your professional background, cases or other entrepreneurial situations. As an output of this effort, you learn skills about "how-to-get-the-job-done" in financial management, marketing management, corporate strategy and so forth.


A continuing process of competence assessment and development completes your academic learning. In this coached process, you reflect your competence profile based on self-perception and outside-perception so that you may plan and pursue your career strength based.

Two Degrees - One Program

You graduate from the M.A./MBA with the following two seperate degrees:

  • Master of Arts (MA) in General Management (awarded by Steinbeis University Berlin)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (awarded by Post University)



The program is organized in part on SIBE's learning platform and in part on Post University's learning platform


Through mutual credit recognition and transfer between the two partner schools, successful graduates acquire the required amount of credits for each degree.

Student Support

Comprehensive and good student support is particularly important in online study programs. This is why we have organized the M.A./MBA (USA) completely around our students’ needs and have assigned real people that work with you and who you can turn to for questions and support.

  1. Academic Success Counselor (ASC):
    Each class has one ASC assigned who is the "go-to" person for all administrative and organizational matters. S/He guides and supports you personally on your path to successful graduation.
  2. Faculty:
    Professors in the M.A./MBA are experts in their field and are assigned by SIBE and Post University. They are the "academic heart” of the program and your contact partner for all questions regarding program content and academics.
  3. IT:
    Both, SIBE and Post University provide IT support for their learning platforms.
  4. Library:
    Students have access to SIBE’s and Post University’s online libraries. Personal library service is provided for Post University’s libraries.

Organization, Assessments and Content


The M.A./MBA (USA) is organized in 17 courses, a master's thesis and a final examn. A professor from the program is your thesis counsellor. Each course is opened for you latest on day one of each course, where you will find the course’s structure, its learning objectives, assessments, tasks, and assessment criteria. This way, you know what to expect during the upcoming course, know the tasks and deadlines and you can plan ahead and align the workload with your schedule.


Certainly, the M.A./MBA (USA) requires you to acquire new knowledge and pass evaluations. However, since actual competence is more important for your successful career and job development than passed exams in a study program, we have designed the program accordingly. This means, the M.A./MBA (USA) does not use written tests to evaluate hard fact knowledge, but it rather evaluates your level of ability to correctly use and apply knowledge in real-world situations. Therefore, for assessments, M.A./MBA students develop problem solutions and process tasks in form of presentations, research papers, projects and similar.

Following an overview of the program content:

Deadlines and Starting Dates

The next course start is scheduled for the 11th December, 2017.

However, applications can be handed it throughout the year.


If you have questions about the program, please send us an email You may also call us at +49 (0) 162 - 29 57 498.

First step:
As the application process' first step, applicants must submit the following documents with their application:

  • Letter of motivation
  • Resume
  • Degree and transcript of minimum Bachelor’s level from an internationally recognized university or college with 180 ECTS

Please send your application to:  

If you are interested in SIBE's Pre-Program-Placement service. German Applicants may follow this link and international applicants may get in contact with Mr. Hecker.

Second step:
We review your application material and verify if you fulfill the formal admission requirements

We inform you about the result. If you pass this step, you will be invited to an online conducted, comprehensive introduction to the program at the end of which you have the opportunity to personally ask questions. You are free to decide if you want to go on with your application or not.

Third step:
If you choose to further pursue participation in the program, you will be invited to SIBE’s online conducted selection procedure, which consists of:

  • An assessment of the your skills and program motivation
  • The “KODE®-Test”, which is a competence assessment
  • An English test

Applicants receive the result of the selection procedure speedily.

Fourth step:
The application process concludes with signing a study contract.

Admission Criteria

Candidates should fulfill the following criteria:

  • well founded, high motivation for the program
  • First degree of minimum Bachelor’s level from an internationally recognized university or college
  • Minimum 180 ECTS or international equivalent
  • Professional experienced is preferred
  • Very good English skills (min. B2.1)
  • Successful passing of SIBE’s selection procedure that includes an online conducted assessment, the online conducted competence “KODE®-Test” and an English test.



Tuition per ECTS in the M.A./MBA (USA) program €166.50, summing up to total fees of €19,980.00. Please contact us for financing options. Services included in these fees are:

  • All classes and exams
  • Complete access to all mandatory teaching materials (texts, books, presentations, cases, videos, etc.)
  • Full access to the learning platforms
  • Free access to the online libraries at SIBE & Post University
  • Continuing coaching and guidance from our practice and teaching experienced faculty
  • Structured coaching and mentoring from our professors for the elaboration of a real-world management project
  • Individual support from our experienced Academic Success Counselors

Additional one-time expense:

  • KODE®-Test: 60 € (incl. VAT). This test is a mandatory requirement for admission and is part of the application process.

Not included are:

  • Costs for creating the needed technical requirements.
  • As a voluntary option, students may choose to participate in one of SIBE’s or Post University’s international study trips. Costs and conditions are not part of the M.A./MBA (USA) fees. For further information about international study trips, please contact us at

Financing Options

  • The School of International Business and Entrepreneurship understands that financing the M.A./MBA (USA) program is a very important topic for you. To help you find a way to finance the program that fits you best, please contact one of our enrolment counselors and receive individualized support and advice.
  • In addition to personalized advice, SIBE offers a unique way for eligible candidates to join and finance the program: “pre-program-placement”. Pre-Program-Placements helps you to find a corporate sponsor for your participation in the M.A./MBA (USA). For more information about Pre-program-placement, click here or contact us directly.

Student Reviews

»Small classes give me the possibility to get speedy feedback from my instructors and fellow students. This 2-way learning experience does not only cover my professional development but adds a systematic improvement of my personal competencies. At the same time, the program is efficiently managed with an excellent organization and structure. The online interface promotes openness in discussion and enables all participants to give and take from everyone's experience and allows to see progress in a better way than conventional learning.«

José Antonio Romero Morales (first course of study: Business Economics)

»At first, I have been skeptical concerning the quantity and more than that the quality of online discussions. But after 3 weeks of participating in discussion boards (the online forum for M.A./MBA students) I can say, the online discussions are of top quality and depth. They go far beyond what I've expected.« says Georg Laqua, the professor working with the students’ on the topic of competency development.

Georg Laqua, Instructor M.A./MBA study program

»After the successful completion of my undergraduate studies in Business Informatics, I was looking for a flexible, recognized and international graduate program. The online M.A / MBA studies at SIBE in corporation with POST University not only have a truly international focus, but also allow me to incorporate the studies into my daily working schedule by leveraging the innovative online learning format. Additionally, the organization and structure of the program is excellent and addresses all topics you would expect from a highly recognized graduate program.«

Dennis Schindeldecker (first course of study: Business Informatics)