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Going Global Program (GGP)

SIBE supports companies to succeed in international markets!

SIBE is specialized in cooperating with enterprises to create sustainable growth through successful expansion into international markets. Over the last 20 years SIBE has supported more than 250 German companies to successfully expand their international business.

Opportunities presented by the globalization and the simultaneous need to innovate, open new arenas for enterprises to engage in what we may call »global innovation« activities. This pressure to innovate is increased by insufficient spare capacity. We assist companies in Europe and abroad to enter or expand to markets and networks throughout Europe, North America, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Africa and Middle East.

Within the Going Global Program we offer global business solutions to support your enterprise to succeed in international markets including new product and business development, market research and selection, feasibility studies, market entry strategy, international lead generation and partner research, brand development, overseas marketing and promotion, public relations, product launch as well as trade show support services.

What does this mean?

  • Full-time employees over 24 months with a network in the target country and the option to further employ the management assistant after the program
  • Systematic development of international business projects (e.g. development of new markets, and customers, partners or suppliers expansion)
  • Creation of an international business plan and implementation of your objectives in this market
  • Coaching by internationally experienced SIBE experts, consultants and lectures
  • Possibility to execute the project worldwide


We ensure innovation, growth, and internationalization to our partner companies with our Going Global Program. We are committed to the success of our partners and thus, the success of our participants. Your success is our success!

As an international participant, our program is the ideal career start in a company. By working on challenging real case projects, we simultaneously create the conditions under which young talents can develop their own competences and identities and become capable junior executives.

The international young managers work full time during the program as management assistants in companies and attend at the same time a 2 years interactive online study program from SIBE and Post University at evenings and weekends.

Benefits for the students

  • High quality, asynchronous and interactive online program
  • Competence development by transferring to real world projects
  • Continuous coaching by internationally experienced SIBE experts, consultants and lectures
  • Working closely together with fellow students in small groups
  • A study abroad is possible as an option

Program Facts

Duration: 24 months

Modules: 12 modules

Language: English

Format: Online (asynchronous, interactive)

Location: Wherever there is internet access


  • Master of Arts in General Management (M.A.) from Steinbeis University Berlin, Germany and
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Post University, USA.

Both degrees are state licensed and accredited

Starting Dates

October 2016

Project and support during the studies

During the 2 years program the company and the management assistant work together on the international development or expansion. Typical projects are the development of distribution or supply structures, production capacities, introduction of new products or processes in the target country, etc.

The interactive online seminars provide the methodological expertise of international management. They provide the methodological skills for the creation and analysis of business plans for the target market and the implementation accordingly to the company needs.

SIBE provides personal support by a project lecturer for the whole 2 years. The project lecturer helps to transfer the knowledge into practice through coaching. Also, he/she supports the students with their project development, definition, placement and implementation phases in the company.

The GGP is organized in 12 modules (Mod=modul). In the beginning of each Mod students have access to the entire Mod, its structure, learning objective, assessments, tasks and assessment criteria. In this way, they know what to expect during the upcoming Mod, they know all tasks and deadlines and therefore, they can plan and align the workload with their schedule.


Certainly, the GGP requires that the students acquire new knowledge provide a proof of performance. However, since actual competence is more important for a successful career and job development than passing exams in a study program, we have designed the program accordingly. This means, that the GGP does not use written tests to evaluate hard fact knowledge, but it rather evaluates the level of ability to correctly use and apply knowledge in real-world situations. Therefore, the GGP students develop problem solutions and process tasks in form of presentations, Transfer Papers (TP), Transfer Documentation Reports (TDR) and Management Project Papers (MPP) for their project and master-thesis. 

Our U.S. American Partner School

Our U.S. American Partner School

Post University was founded in 1890. Since then it has been supporting its students in pursuing knowledge, competence and experience for successful professional lives and careers in their field of studies.  

Aside from Internet- based programs, Post University maintains a Campus in Waterbury, Connecticut, USA where it offers on-ground studies and courses alongside the full spectrum of U.S. American College and University life.

Post University is recognized by the State of Connecticut and accredited through the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). Its business school, The Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, is additionally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Post University’s Malcolm Baldrige School of Business, named for former U.S. Secretary of Commerce Malcolm Baldrige, focuses on the qualities that helped Baldrige achieve success, first in the business world and then in the White House: Innovation, Quality, Integrity, and Leadership.

Through modern and relevant programs taught by professors who know business from the boardroom – not just a book – students enjoy a rich and relevant learning experience. More than just practice and policy, the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business teaches ethics and experience, showing what it takes to succeed in the business world with integrity, and how to adapt to tomorrow’s world with confidence.

All degree programs in the Malcom Baldrige School of Business at Post University are nationally accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Its online MBA program has been repeatedly ranked among the top 150 online MBA programs in the US News & World Online Graduate Business Programs


Candidates should fulfill the following criteria:

  • High motivation for the program
  • First degree of minimum Bachelor’s level from a recognized university or college
  • Minimum 180 credit points or international equivalent
  • International experience and network in the target country
  • Professional experience
  • Very good English skills
  • Successful passing of SIBE's selection procedure that includes an online conducted assessment and the online conducted competence “KODE®-Test”




First Step:

Applicants must send the following documents to Mrs. Carolina de Rezende Vaz da Costa (

  • Resume in English (maximum 2-3 pages)
  • Motivation letter (maximum 1 page)
  • University certificate and mark sheet (copy of original and English or German translation)
  • High school certificate and mark sheet (copy of original and English or German translation)
  • Reference letter (if applicable)

Second Step:

We review the application material and verify if the applicants fulfill the formal admission requirements.
We inform the applicants about the result. If they pass this step, the applicants will be invited to an online assessment center for the program, at the end of which they will have the opportunity to personally ask questions. The applicants are free to decide if they want to go on with their application or not.


Costs paid by the company:

  • Program fee: 39.000, -€
  • Salary for the management assistant: free to negotiate (however a minimum of 1.550,-€ per month in case of an employment in Germany)
  • Recruiting fee

Costs paid by the management assistant:

  • Accommodation and expenses in the home country




Carolina de Rezende Vaz da Costa
Management Assistant International Programs
+49 (0) 70 32 – 94 58 – 24



Ardin Djalali
Director MBA & International Programs

Steinbeis-Haus, Kalkofenstr. 53, 71083 Herrenberg, Germany
+49 (0) 70 32 – 94 58 – 6