SIBE: Corporate Programs

Corporate Programs

Your success is our goal:

We aim to promote our partner organizations' competitive advantage through a specific, business demand oriented qualification of those top talents and top performer that are most crucial to their successful business. We strive for qualification results, that are measurable, return our partners' investment in real program time, and sustainably contribute to their success - even long after our work is done.

The path to success:
Companies send upwardly mobile talents and top performer to studies at SIBE. Concurrent to a full time job and throughout the entire program, these selected candidates are tasked with one or several ongoing, real business challenges. In a continuing process, guided by SIBE's meticulously chosen, extensively business experienced project coaches, participants take the knowledge and theory taught and apply these to the tasks defined by their management. Results are documented and evaluated in 4-5 study papers plus the final thesis and - each time when due - presented to management and supervisors. In consequence, business partners benefit constantly from elaborate, well founded analysis, market researches, marketing plans, strategic plans, globalization plans or financial plans; all of which directly deal with the tasking management's ongoing business challenges. Measuring the de-facto business contribution is a welcomed result for SIBE as is tasking the candidates with result implementation and further development during and after the program.

How to participate:
There are two ways how companies can become benficiaries of this education model:
One: Trough the traditional way of sending selected, upwardly mobile talents and top performer to studies
Two: Corporate partners use SIBE's 'pre-program-placement' services and hire candidates from SIBE's pre-screened applicant pool, who are then enrolled in studies while concurrently working full time for the company. This approach opens alternative financial options and is available in selected countries only. For further information, please contact us directly.

Programs to choose from:
SIBE offers several open enrolment programs that easily allow to qualify and/or retain a smaller number of employees and still enjoy the benefits of a  customized 'real-case-project' contribution to ongoing business challenges. This option is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries. For organizations that want to gain from SIBE's qualification model on a larger scale, corporate programs are the alternative way to go. These allow organizations to co-design content, decide upon locations, program languages and many more details. These programs are most suitable for large corporations or groups of companies that are e.g. working in strategic alliances.

Exemplary and existing corporate programs:

  • Certificate Programs
    SIBE's offer to qualify and benefit from work-integrated real-case-projects without the constraints of degree programs