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Adjunct Faculty for Management Studies (Online) at SIBE


Adjunct faculty provide a variety of educational services to degree students. Faculty are responsible for meeting the expectations and requirements of the SIBE student while establishing and maintaining effective relationships and engagement. Faculty ensure that students receive quality educational experiences consistent with stated course outcomes as well as FIBAA and any program accreditation standards. They provide high-quality, impactful and successful experiences that deliver exceptional learning outcomes.

Adjunct faculty members are not engaged with SIBE in a continuous relationship. They do not work two semesters in any given calendar year, but are assigned work as they are available and as SIBE has needs.  As such, the workload for adjunct faculty members will be quite variable.  All adjunct faculty will be required to complete an unpaid faculty development course as a pre-requisite for employment. 

This is an essential part of the selection process for both the faculty member and SIBE.

Specific Accountabilities

Each faculty member will have a workload that varies based upon his/her expertise and the needs of the program/specialization. Following are the accountabilities expected for faculty in the primary areas of responsibility:

Course Participation (ECTS Courses):  Provides expertise in subject matter; facilitates course discussions ensuring active participation among students creating entries at least 3-6 times per week; responds to student inquiries within 24 hours; assesses student assignments and engagement; provides appropriate feedback, coaching and reinforcement of effective critical thinking; reports at risk students to appropriate school staff; encourages student participation in course-end evaluation forms; provide innovative input designed to make teaching practices more effective; adheres to quality standards and defines quality at course level in line with departmental and university norms. 

Curriculum Development:  Participates in the design and development of courses and course materials according to course plans, objectives, outcomes, activities and evaluation tools.

School Governance and Faculty Committees:  Actively participates in appropriate school or university committees.

Other Activities (may be assigned and vary from quarter to quarter): 

  • Faculty staff meetings, SIBE-sponsored faculty development, trainings, problem resolution, faculty orientation/mentoring, course revisions, etc.
  • Some Faculty may have certain »areas of emphasis« such as specialized responsibilities or coordinating functions in support of the school’s educational goals such as Student Management, Research and Advising, Program Development and Advising or Accreditation.   

Responsibility areas and specific assignments are based on the needs of the school and particular capabilities of the faculty member and will vary from semester to semester. The position is structured to ensure the faculty member is able to contribute optimally to essential teaching and related support services to students.


Education and Experience:

  • Master’s degree in management, business, psychology, pedagogy or a related field required. Doctoral/terminal degree preferred.
  • Experience teaching and developing courses in an online environment preferred.
  • Professional industry experience in the area of strategy, innovation, foresight management or leadership development with commercial applications are preferred.  
  • Proficiency in English

Variety and Complexity of Work Expected:

  • Developing single course content, facilitating complex learning in a web-based environment
  • Coaching and supervision of students during real-world management project development, from project definition over project analysis and research to project and program goal accomplishment
  • Resolving student/academic focused problems relative to achievement of academic goals; requires independent judgment and decision making
  • Managing full instructional load plus some administrative responsibilities
  • Responsibilities are generally not prescribed and have broad parameters that will lead to the mastery of the subject matter and application or practice of learned proficiencies in the professional field
  • Positively impact student retention and persistence
  • Act under general guidance and collegial consultation regarding development of course content and providing constructive input regarding university practices

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Extensive knowledge of academic discipline and educational standards
  • Understanding of SIBE and school philosophy, policies, guidelines and practices
  • Knowledge of adult learning theory and practices such as development of learning contracts, collaborative learning and active learning strategies


  • Exceptional ability to assess learning through feedback, coaching and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to develop/maintain curriculum and assessment in an online environment
  • Ability to teach/advise and assess at appropriate level
  • Demonstrated ability to identify/determine alternatives to resolve complex problems


  • Ability to consistently contribute to SIBE’s culture, trust, interaction and learning.
  • Acts in ways that support an environment of continuous improvement and a positive student experience
  • Operates from a clear sense of well-developed personal values and standards demonstrating integrity, honesty and authenticity in all actions


  • Demonstrates complete understanding of student – accommodating unique needs and expertise of each student
  • Provides support and opportunity for the student to continually deepen his or her understanding of individual purpose and pursue it through educational experiences
  • Demonstrates a commitment to meeting the expectations and requirements of a diversity of students

Course Management Skills

  • Excellent course management skills
  • Use of technology in teaching and learning in an online environment
  • Microsoft Office products and web fluency

Performance Criteria

Faculty will be assessed based upon their demonstration of personal drive to accomplish goals and consistently meet expectations. Performance criteria may include the following (depending upon the type of activities assigned):

Evidence of high quality student interactions as demonstrated through:

  • End of course evaluations
  • Mentor performance summary

Appropriately meets qualitative standards:

  • Quality of teaching
  • Quality of mentoring
  • Contributions to the specialization/school or university
  • Responsiveness to feedback
  • Disciplinary expertise as relevant to SIBE needs

Ability to manage a breadth and depth of work activities

  • Demonstrates a breadth of capability across a variety of learning activities
  • Demonstrates flexibility in managing workload
  • Achieves quality learning outcomes

Job Location

This position, including this role, are designed to be remote "home office" settings. 

Employees working out of a home office are responsible for providing an appropriate and safe office space, office furniture and organization, communication tools, and related items. These include: 

  • arranging for high speed internet connection, printer and a dedicated phone line or VoIP for business use. SIBE will not provide office equipment or on-site set up assistance. 
  • the environment must be free from distractions and enable a highly productive and professional work environment.  
  • as with on-site positions, our off-site positions require that the majority of the time will be spent using PC, monitors and a telephone or VoIP solution.